SeedBroadcast was initiated by Jeanette Hart-Mann and Chrissie Orr in 2011 at the Compartiendo Semillas, Sembrando el Futuro, Seed Exchange, in Las Vegas, New Mexico to investigate food culture in action. Exploring open pollinated seed networks, the ecology of urban and rural agricultural systems, and the meshwork of environmental concerns permeating food production today, this discursive project has become a testing ground for creative broadcasting and collective action. Engagement includes community based projects, installations, dialogues, creative actions, experiential practices and cross country tours with the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station. Interdisciplinary collaboration is a founding principal of this project where participants from diverse backgrounds work together as critical partners of inquiry, exploration, and creative production.

Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm, located in Anton Chico, New Mexico, is a collaborative art, agro-ecology, and alternative infrastructure research station, started in 2007 and based on the notion that experiential methods of investigation and action are core to critical and creative practices. It is currently the site of many SeedBroadcast field experiments including high desert/four season food production, seed saving, information technologies, and creative cultural investigations. This farm is directed by by Jeanette Hart-Mann and Bill Mann.

Please visit the roots page to meet many of our local and global collaborators and partners.


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